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%100 Human hand tied hair. Beaded row sewn in extensions
%100 Human hand tied hair. Beaded row sewn in extensions

Please don't hesitate to contact me with any questions or concerns


  Extensions are designed for anyone who desires fuller, thicker or longer hair that feels natural. 

  The high quality hair wefts I use are hand tied and made from %100 human hair. This means that they blend seamlessly with your natural hair. The extensions resist tangles, shedding and hold a style better and longer than your own natural hair and are not damaging. They are hand sewn in on a beaded row foundation.

  This method of extensions is not for someone who struggles with frequent migraines and scalp sensitivities, hair loss due to underlying health conditions, bald patches that won’t allow a beaded foundation. Hair that is very fragile, see through or too damaged may not support the weight of wefts.
  There are 72 custom color shades in four different lengths to accommodate many types of hair.
  An the initial consultation is required and is complementary. I will walk you through the process and answer any questions or concerns you may possibly have as well as discuss pricing. Then we will decide which custom options of color and length are right for you. It takes approximately one week after I order the extensions for them to arrive. I do not keep any hair in stock because everyone is a custom installation and the hair is non refundable.
  On the day of your appointment, your extensions will be installed custom fit to the shape of your head, blended in with your natural hair and styled to your request.
  This whole process typically takes 3 hours or less. More time is added if you are also receiving coloring services on the some day.


After care and up Keep

  There are two options for a move up Service. An express move up tightens your extensions without removing them and will give you a couple more weeks of wear before you need a full move up service.

  During a move up, I completely remove the extensions, this is a perfect time for a color service, a color service can still be done without your extensions removed. We will talk about if any placement adjustments are needed, then re-install your extensions.

  A full move up is needed on average every 8 weeks depending on how quickly your natural hair grows.

It is important to use professional products on your extensions and always keep them free of tangles. You do not need to wash every day however, hair that gets too greasy may affect the security of the beaded row base. A wet brush, detangler and a heat protect are your basic tools you will always use when styling you hair with extensions. The nicer you are to your extensions, the longer we are able to keep re-installing them. On average your set of extensions should last a year.

  If you would like a completely different color it is best to order a new set of hair. Coloring extensions can have an unreliable outcome.

  Purple shampoo on blonde extensions can have a blotchy outcome. Be careful with sunscreen, blonde extensions will discolor. 


Financial Commitment

  A partial deposit is required prior to ordering your hair extensions and secure the installation appointment.

The initial cost for the first appointment is a wide range between $800-$1,600. This depends on the hair length and density we use. My installation fee is $100 per hour. This is the same for move up timing. Average installation timing for the first appointment is 2-3 hours. Average move up timing is 1.5 hours. Timing depends on the amount of rows that are being installed.

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